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Introducing SiteHound ...

WOW!!  Have I ever been waiting for this one.  Every time I get an email that I suspect is "phishing", my "geek" curiosity gets the better of me and I have to check the URL just to see what they're up to. I get 20-30 obvious phishing emails a day so I pretty much know what to look for. I don't check them all but I do snoop occasionally on the latest ones or check out any new angles. I've been lucky so far.

So I'm extremely proud to announce the very latest software to keep you safe on the Internet. It's called SiteHound.  SiteHound is a free toolbar for Internet Explorer and is your first line of defense against internet threats including phishing, scams, spyware, adware, security risks and viruses from rogue websites.

As you may know, fraudulent sites are a huge problem on the internet. As well as listing over 80,000 rogue sites, SiteHound already contains a list of over 4,000 fake banks and they're are adding more than 20 a day!

But, SiteHound does much more than just protect you against fraudulent sites, it also protects against:

  • Many types of internet scams
    • Malicious sites which load adware and spyware on to your computer

  • Sites with rogue software on them
    • Misleading sites or sites which have false advertising
  • Spam advertised sites
    • Sites with security vulnerabilities
  • Adult sites
    • And much more...

Even better, if you upgrade to the enhanced version of SiteHound for the great introductory price of only US$19.95, you'll have access to these special features :

Automatic daily updates to the SiteHound database of rogue sites

  • Comprehensive maps showing you where the website you're visiting is hosted and who owns it
  • Comprehensive information about why the site was blocked and expert comments from our community of users
    • A free guide on how to spot frauds, scams and other threats on the Internet
  • Notification of software upgrades
    • Technical support 7 days a week
  • 1 year of free updates (normally a $12.95 annual subscription)
    • Fire Trust's 100% no-hassle unconditional money-back guarantee

So, click below to download SiteHound today. Just install and forget, and SiteHound will go on protecting you, day after day. You'll be glad you did.

  Download your free copy of SiteHound now!

Fight Spam and WIN!

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