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AVG Rescue Disk Free AVG Bootable Antivirus CD and USB...

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 Features ...

  • AVG Rescue Disk is another free bootable antivirus CD from AVG to help you rescue an infected computer that is unable to boot up normally. AVG rescue CD is basically a portable version of AVG anti-virus, which runs on the Linux distribution as a bootable CD or a bootable USB flash drive. This Rescue CD is equipped with AVG Antivirus, AVG Anti Spyware and some system recovery tools in the Administration toolkit.
  • With AVG rescue disk, you can scan and remove computer viruses without booting into the operating system first. It is suitable for recovering MS Windows and Linux operating systems (FAT32 and NTFS file systems) from virus and spyware attacks. Additionally, the Administrator toolset on the AVG rescue disk includes a Windows Registry editor, a TestDisk utility for data recovering and lost partitions, a file browser for navigating folders, and a Ping tool for basic network diagnostics.

Here's how to create AVG bootable Rescue CD and bootable AVG Rescue USB.

How to create AVG bootable rescue CD:

  1. Download AVG Rescue CD (for CD creation)
  2. Burn the AVG Rescue Disk ISO image to a CD media using CD/DVD burning software (download & use IMG Burn Freeware to create CD).
  3. Once you finish burning the AVG Rescue Disk into bootable CD media, insert the Bootable AVG Rescue Disk CD into the CD ROM and boot the computer by loading the CD ROM media first (you may have to choose this from options in the system BIOS)
  4. AVG Rescue CD screen will load as in the screenshot below. Hit Enter to start booting the DOS AVG AntiVirus using Linux.
  5. Once you hit the "enter" button, AVG rescue CD will ask you to update the AVG virus definition first. Then mount all hard drives of the computer for scanning.
  6. Once it's finished updating, AVG Rescue CD menu will appear as shown in the screenshots below. You can start scanning your hard drive for viruses and malware and use the other included tools.

How to create AVG Bootable Rescue USB:

  1. Download Rescue CD (for USB stick)
  2. Extract the RAR archive downloaded from here directly to the removable USB flash drive. It has to be extracted into the root folder of the disk do not use a subfolder.
  3. Run the extracted makeboot.bat batch file. When started it will overwrite the boot record. Make sure you are using the desired USB flash drive, otherwise it can make your Windows un-bootable!
  4. When the window opens press any key to prepare the USB flash drive.
  5. After this process is finished (message will be displayed) you can close the window.

This Software is Totally Free of charge! The AVG Rescue CD is a free-to-use product that anyone can download. This also covers any new program versions and virus database updates. If you have any other paid AVG license, you are also entitled to receive AVG's full technical support.

More Details: Download AVG Rescue CD User Manual Guide (Adobe PDF Document) - 115 Kb.

Publisher: AVG
License: Freeware
File Size Rescue CD ISO:  70 MB.
File Size Rescue USB RAR File: 70 MB.
Scanned SpyWare Free

>> Click Here To Download Rescue CD ISO <<

>> Click Here To Download Rescue USB RAR <<

Updated: February 23, 2014


Minimum system requirements:Processor: Intel Pentium 300 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
Disk Space: 0 MB

Recommended system requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium 600 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
Disk Space: 0 MB

AVG Rescue CD is compatible with these Operating Systems :
MS Windows 2000
MS Windows XP
MS Windows XP Pro x64 Edition
MS Windows Vista
MS Windows Vista x64 Edition
MS Windows 7
MS Windows 7 x64 Edition
MS Widows 8
MS Windows NT Server 4.0
MS Windows 2000 Server
MS Windows 2003 Server
MS Windows 2003 Server x64 Edition
MS Windows 2008 Server
MS Windows 2008 Server x64 Edition

(NOTE: It is NOT compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT and earlier.)

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