AddSynth 1.0


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AddSynth 1.0

This is a Real-time additive synthesizer that contains 16 oscillators, 16 amplitude envelopes, and 16 lfos. Each of the oscillators and lfos are capable of producing any of the following waveforms: sine, square, triangle, pulse, sawtooth, and noise. The amplitude envelope controls the attack, delay, sustain, and release. AddSynth responds to note-on, note-off, and program-change messages via a MIDI device. If no midi input device is connected, AddSynth will respond to keyboard input. This synthesizer is written in C++, using MFC and DirectSound, so DirectX 9.0 must be installed.

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The DirectX 9.0 runtime download is located here >>> (Click thumbnail above for full-size screenshot)


AddSynth 1.0 File Size: 2.68 MB

>>> Click Here To Download AddSynth <<<


Quick Facts:

Author: Jeff Chandler
License type: Freeware
Categories: Musical Instrument & Composition
File Size: 2.68 MB
Supported languages: English
Operating Systems: Windows XP
System requirements: 1.8ghz processor, 256MB memory, DirectX9.0
Updated: February 23, 2014



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