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Remote Administrator is a remote control application which enables you to work on a remote computer with real-time speed.

The remote computer's screen is displayed within a window on your computer or an entire screen of your computer. You can then use your mouse and keyboard to work on the remote computer. With Radmin you can work on a remote computer exactly as if you were right there at its keyboard.

In addition to remote control, Remote Administrator includes such features as File transfer, Remote shutdown, Telnet, NT user level security support and so on.

This fast, reliable, easy-to-use remote control software saves you hours of running up and down stairs between computers. Radmin allows you to take control of another PC on a LAN, WAN or dial-up connection so you see the remote computer's screen on your monitor and all your mouse movements and keystrokes are directly transferred to the remote machine.

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You see the remote computer's screen on your monitor either in a window or full screen. All your mouse movements and key presses are transferred directly to the remote computer. You work on the remote computer just as if you were right there at it. According to our tests and user feedback, Radmin outperforms every other remote control software in speed and amount of work that can be done.

System requirements: Win9x/Me/NT4.0/Win2k/WinXP/Vista, 1.3 Mb of free space, 8 Mb RAM
License: Freeware & Shareware
File Size:  1.25 MB. (zip file)
Last updated: February 23, 2014
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