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This page contains FREE files available for download.
Click on the appropriate file-name to begin downloading.
Descriptions of files are detailed below.
All file sizes are approximate.


  • TweakAll 2.0 Release Candidate 1 - 1.2 MB.  TweakAll is a small program that allows you to take control over your Windows operating system. Always running out of memory after running a few applications? With TweakAll you can reclaim wasted memory from the operating system.
  • Comet Cursor Remover - 21k. - Safely remove this known SPYWARE!
  • Add-A-Url - 1,182k. - quickly automates the task of submitting your website URL to 24 search engines. >>> MORE INFO <<<

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  • T-Clock - 457k. - a smart little program that enhances the clock that is built into the Windows 9X, ME, NT and 2000 taskbar. Now it is possible to see the date as well as the time on the taskbar in one glance, and with any format you like. Many people have wondered why this wasn’t built into the clock to begin with.
  • Legacy Meta Tag Builder - 2,415k. - builds meta tags quickly and easily for your WebPages. You can copy the Meta Tags right from the program after they're built, and have the option to save them as a text file for later use. Search engines use Meta Tags to find your site, and define other qualities about the content.
  • G-Photo Show Screen Saver - 486k. - use any .jpg, .bmp or .gif photos as your screensaver - plus you can play midi's, cd's, mp3's or wav's as background music.  Rotate images any way you want - easy set-up & use. Will not work on WIN XP or Win2000.
  • ICQ Rescue - for ICQ2000b - 109k. - Great Free way to backup your ICQ contacts, UIN's & bookmarks.
  • Screen Saver Switch Plus - 113k. - Handy Screensaver Switch & Quick Exit Windows - a MUST HAVE APP !! Works on ALL versions of Windows including ME/98/95/2000 ! Will not work on WIN XP !
  • Electric Screen Saver - 47k. - The HOTTEST little free screen saver anywhere!!
    Will not work on WIN XP or Win2000.
  • Y2K Tester - 351k. - Test your Windows system for Y2K readiness!!
  • WinZip 95 - 693 k. - Good basic & reliable WinZip 95! It's all you really need. 
    BONUS - this version doesn't have SPYWARE!


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