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This section has many popular DIRECT downloads.
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Note: Some of these files are in .zip format - to unzip download 7Zip.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Essential for reading the popular PDF file format - as used by many disk-based user-guides. Internet browser plug-ins allow you to view PDFs online.

Bootlog Analyser

Although Windows can provide a log of the boot process, it's not a very user-friendly document. To make it more readable, as well as apply some filtering, I use Bootlog Analyser which helps immensely when highlighting start-up problems. 

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A neat utility to give greater control over your dialup. It doesn't replace the dialler - it enhances it. Reconnect automatically upon disconnection (without prompting), or remain disconnected indefinitely. Make sure you set your Internet Options > Connection to Do Not Connect, and run CiDial when you do want to connect.


Great Download Accelerator.

Drive Toys

Not one, but two utilities. The first, DriveMenu, sits in your System Tray (next to the clock) allowing immediate access to all local drives and can be configured to include quick access to drive tools (Scandisk and Defrag) as well as access to network drives. The second utility, DriveX, adds two new tabs to a drive's properties dialogue to give additional information.

EditPad Lite

Notepad has changed little over the years. It is still limited to 64K text files, which is fine for a lot of things, but surely there are alternatives? Thankfully, there are. EditPad is my preferred text editor (I even create html webpages with it). Not only can you open multiple files (such as an entire Web site of HTML), you can search and replace text across all files at once. As a text editor it is extremely powerful, but as a Web site designer it is second to none - especially if, like me, you're into hardcore (coding, that is)!

Empty Temp Folders

Deletes all files from specified temporary folders, such as C:\TEMP, C:\TMP, C:\Windows\TEMP, C:\Windows\Recent, etc. Also trashes the Internet caches, histories and cookies (specific cookies can be retained). Also deletes specified temporary file types such as *.SYD, *.BAK, etc. Scheduled cleanups are also possible. A very thorough cleaner, just make sure you choose which folders to empty wisely.

HD Valet

A nice alternative to Microsoft's somewhat dismal DiskCleanup tool, you can configure this one how you please. As with Microsoft's tool, it doesn't delete files which are in use. This is a common problem when deleting temporary and trash files, and some files like the cookie index file simply cannot be deleted no matter how hard you try. Of course, the best way to do a thorough cleanup is from non-Windows MS-DOS, but if you're ungifted with batch files and the DELTREE /Y command, or prefer to delete files that are X days old, then this would be your best choice. Be aware that the default action is to move files rather than delete them, but it does have a test mode which clearly reports which files will be deleted and how much space you will recover when you actually delete. You can add, remove, enable and disable folders from the cleanup list, as well as their sub-folders (disabled by default), specify inclusions/exclusions per folder (wildcards permitted), specify a period of time before a file becomes delete-able (although this is irrelevant since a temp file only becomes delete-able when it is not in use - regardless of its age), and test the outcome prior to performing the cleanup. Windows 95 users are advised to observe the warning during installation.

IE New Window Maximiser

Jonatan Dahl's solution to new (secondary) Internet Explorer windows not opening maximized. This little program will run in the background - from the System Tray - monitoring your window titles every second or so. When it sees a title with "Explorer" (the last 8 characters of "Microsoft Internet Explorer"), it maximizes the window. You can adjust the title to suit any custom title you may have (such as branded versions of IE). A hotkey (CTRL+ALT+Q) allows you to quickly minimize or close all IE windows - depending on how you've configured it.


Graphics file viewer. All major (and minor) formats supported.

jv16 PowerTools

Completely re-written with additional tools not found in Reg Cleaner. As with all tools of this sort, good backups are essential.
Right Here

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The best SPAM buster for your money. Bounce SPAM, making it look like your e-mail address no longer exists. Brilliant!
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From NeoWorx, trace IP addresses and check out your ping rates.


If Internet Explorer no longer sorts your menus into alphabetical order, then this utility is just what you need. runs at start-up and sorts the menu as well as your favorites folder.

NOTE: If Internet Explorer 6 is installed, you'll now have a Sort by Name option when you right-click any menu item. However Q-Sort may still be used if you like to auto-sort the menu.


Jouni Vuorio's registry cleaner. As with all tools of this sort, good backups are essential. Get the original free version here (no support).

Note that the free version has been superseded by jv16 PowerTools, a complete re-write, with additional tools.
Right Here

Start-up Manager

Another ideal replacement for MSCONFIG.EXE's startup manager. Add, edit, disable and remove startup items.


Check out what's going on behind Windows "curtains". If you've ever wondered which program was using a particular file, this tool is for you. Provides masses of information on all running tasks, including processor usage, file usage, module usage, etc.


A fully-customizable replacement for the System Tray clock. Not only can you alter the appearance, but it can synchronize itself with a suitable server. Set alarms. Set timers. Turn it into a recycle bin, or launch other applications by dropping files onto it. Is there no end to this utility's talents? Here's some more: it can also customize your start button, or even remove it all together! Access the start menu from the clock instead!! Change the taskbar buttons to flat ones!!! And it's all done passively. Unlike other utilities of this sort, none of your core files are overwritten. Simply run TClock and it takes over. Or change from the default and run it from your Startup menu group. You've just got to have this.

Important: Ensure you enter a valid DNS for the server you want to synchronize with. If you leave it blank, you'll crash your system. The author of the program also advises that you discontinue using the program if any problems arise.

Time Online

Running in the background at all times, this little marvel will give an extremely accurate indication of your online time. Along with customizable tariffs, you can see at a glance what your next bill is likely to be. If you've ever had cause to dispute your phone bill then this tool is God sent. The evaluation version is fully functional, but will nag you from time to time. You'll also have to save current, and create new databases every so often, since there is a limit to the number of entries a database will hold. The full version has no such restrictions, and at under 19 (including VAT) it is well worth the investment.

Toggle Screensaver Control

Screensaver Control is a simple little program that runs as an icon in the system tray and allows you to enable/disable the screensaver with a click, rather than going into the Desktop configurations applet. Useful for times where you want to temporarily disable the screensaver (defrag, media player usage, CD burning etc.). Does what it says.

Tray Saver

This work of brilliance helps control System Tray icons. You can selectively, or en-masse, hide and show System Tray icons. You can even minimize top-level windows to the System Tray. And as if that weren't enough, it is claimed that it will recover all your System Tray icons following a Windows Explorer shell-crash. One caveat is you *may* lose the ability to play card games. If you like your Solitaire, you may have to give this utility a miss.


A free archiver. Supports most formats, including ZIP, CAB and RAR.


Keep your desktop in order. There's nothing worse than switching resolutions just to find all your carefully placed icons have been moved to the top-left of the desktop. With this utility you can save all your icon positions for each resolution.


Using an explorer-style tree/node system, this must be the most elegant solution to navigating the hundred or so registry options which allow users to customize the Windows user interface (UI). Microsoft Tweak UI on steroids! To further increase its usefulness, it has a plug-in facility which allows you to not only update individual plug-ins, but to add your own. The Web site also has other toys for programmers as well as users and administrators. Highly recommended.

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