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A Firewall for cookies? Yup!

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That's right!  Since I installed this little gem of FREEWARE, I haven't had ANY spyware show up at all in my AdAware scans.

This is the last piece of security software you need after Zone Alarm's FREE Personal Firewall and FREE Anti-Virus  Software ...

Cookie Wall is very simple to use - just run the program, which resides on your system tray (on the lower right of your screen), and it will track all the cookies that come into your system. Then, periodically just go into the 'Add/Delete' menu, browse through the new cookies in your system, and select which ones should go as well as which ones can stay - it's that simple! 

Cookie Wall Screen Shot


Last updated: February 23, 2014

Fight Spam and WIN!

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Last updated: January 16, 2015
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