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"Stop viruses, worms, scripts, web bugs and other nasties from attacking your computer, using this powerful email neutralizing software"

Benign takes in e-mail and simply produces, safer e-mail. Imagine being able to receive e-mail which is safe from viruses, worms, scripts, web bugs, privacy threats and other security risks, without affecting your e-mail.

Benign neutralizes or strips out the code that makes viruses, worms, scripts and other potentially harmful things run. That's why we called it Benign, it makes downloading your e-mail safe. In fact, it's the perfect companion to MailWasher.

Did you know viruses and e-mail worms can run automatically just by reading your e-mail? What about links called web bugs that automatically confirm you have a valid address as soon as you preview your e-mail? If this happens, you have a good chance that some marketing company will start sending you lots of spam because they know your address works!

A recent study showed that up to 83% of spam e-mail contains these web bug tracking codes, and as soon as these e-mail were read, more spam started flowing. Benign can ensure your privacy, by removing both known and probable web bugs.

Why your anti-virus software is not enough:

With new viruses and worms being released all the time, antivirus companies have to quickly write new code to stop these new threats, only when they have been notified of the new threat. This doesn't help you! You may have already received the virus, or not updated your antivirus software in time, thereby causing havoc to your computer.

In the case of e-mail worms, these can spread so quickly across thousands of computers that widespread damage and embarrassment can occur. Don't wait until your antivirus software is updated; use Benign to neutralize all future attacks!

Rid your life of e-mail threats now ...


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Last Updated - February 23, 2014

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