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AVG Free AntiVirus  Now there's NO EXCUSE for not having Antivirus Software ...

Each and every week I get emails and messages from folks who've been hit by a virus.  I even get a few viruses in my email each month - which my AVG Antivirus software dutifully detects and eliminates.  It amazes me how many folks say ... "but DoC, I can't afford the Antivirus subscriptions".  Now you can get totally FREE, registerable and updateable protection for your PC.

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AVG FREE Antivirus Software

DoC highly recommends using Grisoft's AVG antivirus software if you cannot afford to purchase regular software.

You will get the most powerful,
effective and reliable protection against computer viruses.

The software is FREE to use and FREE to register.
You also get FREE virus signature updates every day!!

Updated: February 23, 2014

Documentation for AVG Free Edition (.PDF files):

AVG Free Edition (Reference Guide)
Firewall Settings for AVG Free (Installation Guide)
Click here to download "10 Tips To Stay Virus Free" (PDF file)

Fight Spam and WIN!

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