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Scanmetender ...

Features ...Scanmetender Standard is the next generation network scanner! It is one of the fastest network scanners on earth with probably the best user interface. Usually a network scanner is only able to scan a single or multiple port range on an IP address. But Scanmetender Standard is more.

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  • Scanmetender Standard is not only able to scan ports, but as one of the few network scanners also to close them! Yes! You do not need any extra tools like your firewall to close ports on a computer. Scanmetender Standard will do it for you!
  • For users who do not want to use the integrated firewall of Scanmetender Standard there is also a firewall configuration file, which shows you how to close ports in the most famous firewalls.
  • Scanmetender Standard is multiplattform, currently available on Windows(R) and GNU/Linux and of course free on both plattforms.
  • The GNU/Linux version of Scanmetender Standard is currently under construction!
  • Scanmetender Standard is probably the best choice if you are searching for a network scanner.
Publisher: ScanMeTender
License: Freeware
File Size: 5.9 MB
Updated: February 23, 2014

>> Click Here To Download  (4.88 MB.) <<











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